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Warehouses and High-bay storage

Your advantages with TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors

Superlative automated high-bay warehouses pose special challenges for fire protection. In extremely tall buildings with 30 meters and more, reliable fire detection is often associated with considerable effort. TITANUS® air sampling moke detectors have a high smoke sensitivity for the reliable detection of fires in the development phase and have numerous advantages when used in high-bay warehouses. Inspections can be carried out easily and without interrupting operation, because an aspirating smoke detector replaces numerous point-type smoke detectors and can be mounted at an easily accessible location, such as the front of a high-bay racking system.

  • Inspection without interruption of operation
  • High smoke sensitivity for reliable detection of fires in the development phase
  • Effective suppression of deceptive scenarios through fire pattern recognition
  • Low number of aspirating smoke detectors required
  • Cost-effective solution through the purchase of no more than the actually desired sensitivity
  • Long service life due to the use of external filters with large surfaces