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Fire detection for EDP and Telecommunication

Your advantages with TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors

Uninterrupted data availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is one of the main requirements for modern data centers. Air sampling smoke detectors of the TITANUS® family have the highest smoke sensitivity for reliable detection of fires already in the early development phase – even at high air speeds and strong smoke dilution. Network card and Ethernet cabling in TITANUS® devices ensure that alarm and fault messages are integrated directly into the data center management system. After pre-alarming, data can be backed up automatically to prevent data loss - especially when the power is cut off. The widely used network protocol standard "SNMP" (Simple Network Management Protocol) has been implemented in the TITANUS® network solution especially for IT areas. This enables IT personnel to be immediately notified of malfunctions and fires in the monitored area.

  • Highest smoke sensitivity for reliable detection of fires in the early development phase – even at high air velocities and strong smoke dilution
  • Effective suppression of deceptive scenarios by fire pattern recognition
  • Monitoring of 2 areas with independent smoke detection or for the realisation of a dual-detection dependency, with only one air sampling smoke detector
  • Ethernet or SNMP connection for integration into existing hazard management systems
  • Localisation of the fire location with monitoring of up to 5 cabinets with an air sampling smoke detector